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Hi, Welcome to Internet Safety and Privacy where you will find information, guides and resources to help keep you safe, and protect your privacy online. Many people purchase security software to protect their computer systems and while this is an essential part of a responsible protection strategy; software does not even cover half the potential threats that are out there. Software alone cannot block some of the most dangerous online threats. Only by being aware of the threat and understanding how to avoid it can we begin to approach complete protection.

Chris Bennetts - The Virtual Webmaster

Dropbox hacked and 68 million user accounts potentially compromised.

September 14, 2016

Who is at risk? Find out how to protect your password!

dropbox hackedIn late August 2016, Dropbox sent out a warning email requesting all users reset their passwords.

This started a lot of rumors and Dropbox has since confirmed that a data dump, containing 68 million Dropbox user IDs with hashed passwords, was obtained by unknown hackers.

The leaked passwords are not in plain text. They are hashed (some in bcyrpt and some in SHA) and the SHA hashes are salted. This means the passwords are encrypted and would still need to be cracked in order to hack individual accounts.

The strength of our passwords and how we manage your passwords will affect our risk of being hacked.


The strange thing about this breach is that this data dump is only for users active in 2012 and it is unknown when or how the data dump was obtained.

Anyone with Dropbox account that was active in 2012 and has not changed his or her password since 2012. The risk is even greater for those that re-use the same passwords across multiple sites.

Those with strong passwords that follow good security practice are at minimal risk.


We can’t control a breach but we can make it next to impossible for potential hackers to crack our passwords.

We all know that we need to implement stronger passwords. We know we are meant to have different passwords for each account, but thinking up and remembering passwords and then keeping track of all of them is a real pain.


Super strong Passwords Made Easy is an easy to follow system for creating super strong passwords for all your accounts.


Super strong passwords made easy

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