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Hi, Welcome to Internet Safety and Privacy where you will find information, guides and resources to help keep you safe, and protect your privacy online. Many people purchase security software to protect their computer systems and while this is an essential part of a responsible protection strategy; software does not even cover half the potential threats that are out there. Software alone cannot block some of the most dangerous online threats. Only by being aware of the threat and understanding how to avoid it can we begin to approach complete protection.

Chris Bennetts - The Virtual Webmaster

Tag: Gambling Applications

Gambling Apps are Watching You

September 4, 2015
Gambling Apps are Watching You

Your mobile phone is always something of a risk when you download applications. We all know there are potential risks to us, after all do we really know what every app really is capable of doing. Here is a classic example with a twist. Researchers have found that some gambling applications have the capability of […]

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