1,800 email addresses and passwords for Minecraft players’ leaked online.

February 22, 2016

According to German publication Heise, email addresses and passwords of more than 1,800 Minecraft accounts were published online in plain-text format.

These details would allow anyone to log in to each of those user’s accounts on Minecraft to play online, and download the game to their own computers. Does not sound bad does it?

The Real Threat is if the same passwords are used for other accounts.

Now think about how many of those players with accounts may have used the same email address and password combination for other online services, from shopping and banking to email and social networking!

The Minecraft game has more than 100 million registered accounts for its PC version alone so 1,800 accounts is a small breach and a fraction of the overall Minecraft population.

A greater concern is that the origin of breach still unknown

It does not appear to be a major breach but what if the published list is just the tip of an iceberg of compromised player data, it will be a serious problem for Minecraft’s developer Mojang and its parent company Microsoft.

The problem is that they still don’t know the original of the hack and have no way of knowing if whoever gained access to them hasn’t got a whole lot more accounts haven’t yet released.

Change your passwords immediately

Surprisingly there is no mention of the security breach on Minecraft’s homepage. We recommend that all Mindcraft users immediately change their password for Mindcraft and any other accounts they have used the same credentials on.


Source:  http://howsecureismypassword.org/email-addresses-and-passwords-for-minecraft-players/