33 Million Accounts Leaked from Ashley Maddsion

The biggest fear of letting a loved one know you may be looking elsewhere has come true. Ashley Maddison breach has caused suicides and broken up marriages.The details of the breach are staggering, with 33 million users having their information leaked and 197,00 e mails leaked from the Chief Executive account.

Previously, Ashley Madison had said that the full delete function would erase photos and messages sent to other users on the site, but that some user profile data could be deleted for free.



Data from the Ashley Madison website breach has flooded on to the web, leaving thousands of people fretting about the potential consequences.Several big names have supposedly been “outed” by the press after the release of personal information stolen from the dating website, which is aimed at married people.

And generally speaking, there is huge potential for damaging people’s reputations.There are questions about how – or whether – Ashley Madison will recover from the incident, which has the potential to be one of the messiest and most legally troublesome data dumps in history.

Source: Ashley Madison: Leaked accounts fallout deepens – BBC News