Android Lock Screen on Lollipop

Those of you using the Lollipop Android system maybe surprised to know that if you have been using a long password to protect your phone and data, you could actually have been putting your phone at risk. Although this problem appears not to have been found by criminals, it highlights the problems of having such trust in simple things like lock screen.

Imagine, the very act of locking your Android makes it a security issue? Luckily on this occasion a patch has been sent out and the problem is solved, be it a problem that Google didn’t even seem to be aware of.


From BBC News

A security flaw in Android that lets people bypass the lock screen on a mobile device has been discovered by researchers at the University of Texas.
They found that trying to unlock the phone or tablet with an abnormally long password caused the lock screen to crash in certain conditions.
The flaw was limited to Android Lollipop, the most recent version of the mobile operating system.
Google issued a patch for its Nexus devices on Wednesday.
About 21% of Android users run affected versions of the operating system.
After crashing the lock screen, the researchers were able to access the phone’s data and apps.
The vulnerability could not be exploited if people had chosen a lock pattern or Pin code instead of a password.
While Google is rolling out its fix for Nexus, other phone manufacturers are responsible for distributing the software to their own handsets.

Article Lock screen flaw found in Android