Biometric technologies may Replace Passwords

It seems the era of James Bond technology for opening doors is already here. I speak of course of putting your finger on a panel and the system will recognise you and open the door for you. Ok, nothing really new as that technology has been in force for many many years.

Moving on to the era of PCs and other devices, we now spend such a long time entering password after password to get somewhere. Well, there are tests going on to make the computer react to your fingerprint as your new password. But, where are you going to stick your sweaty thumb? On the screen or on a separate box. Or, is it possible to have a fingerprint without even touching anything at all?


From Network World

Biometric technologies may soon replace cumbersome passwords, but the U.S. National Institute of Technology is looking out to a time when you won’t even have to press your finger onto a grimy fingerprint reader to gain entry to a computer.

NIST has funded a number of companies to make touchless fingerprint readers possible and is creating a framework for evaluating possible technologies for widespread use.

Touchless fingerprint readers could be particularly useful for quickly identifying large numbers of people, such as a queue entering a controlled facility, NIST contends. Germaphobes would also appreciate the technology, as they would not have to touch potentially germy fingerprint readers to gain access to their computers.

Article NIST sets the stage for contactless fingerprint readers