Is Your Boss Giving Away Secrets?

If you wanted to know all about your company, especially the finaces, the customers and future confidential activities who would you ask? Well,the management team would be the best people, but not even they know everything,that would be the man in charge the big chief- the CEO himself. He has been chosen to steer the company into big profits and to keep the competition in the dark about the companys strategies and timtables. A safer pair of hands you could not ask for.

What would happen if he gave away alot of that information? Not in a drunken meeting or to a beautiful spy, what if he gave it away in his email? The consequences would be enormous, but that is happennning more and more and CEOs are being increasingly targeted in the company espionage war. It is their emails and those VERY PRIVATE correpondences where the gold is for the hacker.

We all have had to put up with phishing emails and we try to ensure we dont fall for it. Imagine a CEO who appears to get a very private and confidential from a customer and is marked vital and important. He may fall for that one email and in only a few seconds the company secrets and history are gone and maybe your job too.


From Kreb on Security

In January 2015, the FBI released stats showing that between Oct. 1, 2013 and Dec. 1, 2014, some 1,198 companies lost a total of $179 million in so-called business e-mail compromise (BEC) scams, also known as “CEO fraud.” The latest figures show a marked 270 percent increase in identified victims and exposed losses. Taking into account international victims, the losses from BEC scams total more than $1.2 billion, the FBI said.

“The scam has been reported in all 50 states and in 79 countries,” the FBI’s alert notes. “Fraudulent transfers have been reported going to 72 countries; however, the majority of the transfers are going to Asian banks located within China and Hong Kong.”

Article FBI: $1.2B Lost to Business Email Scams