Brits being Spied on by Brits

We all worry about the bad guys are spying on us and after getting enough information to get into our bank accounts or try to blackmail us. So, when the State is actually the one that is spying on you, what are you suppose to think.

We all agree that if the word BOMB is being used that the authorities have the right to listen in and make sure we are all safe, but what about your everyday surfing? Is it right to watch everything? Well the Brits are being spied on big time.


From Network World

When British spies gave their Internet surveillance program the codename Karma Police they may have given away a little too much about its epic purpose: “To build a web-browsing profile for every visible user on the Internet.”

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The system ultimately gathered trillions of metadata records about Internet users’ browsing habits.

In official documents obtained by The Intercept, the intent of Karma Police stands out alongside more cryptically named projects such as Moose Milk (using data mining to detect suspicious use of telephone kiosks) or Salty Otter (a technique for detecting when use of one medium, such as a telephone call, is used to trigger another, such as a chat service).

Article British spies cast net to monitor every web surfer, leaked documents show