Chrome has dropped Flash from Adobe due to ongoing security problems

For the last few months, there have been many issues with Adobe Flash and its security and the pull it has on resources needed by browsers to load the ads. More important of course, was the security concerns, which allowed third parties to put malware and ransomware in the computers of the unsuspecting users.

To be fair Adobe reacted by sending out numerous security patches to stop the problem, but as fast as they plugged one hole another formed. It seems now that Adobe has a big problem on its hands.

Chrome has dropped Flash from Adobe and that will tell people if Google are concerned, then we should be concerned too.


From Network World

In August, Adobe released the latest critical security updates for Adobe Flash Player; the most resent version of Flash is Google’s Project Zero had previously reported that Flash version included mitigations that could be a “useful defense-in-depth for attacks.” If you didn’t patch yet, you better get on it because Kafeine explained that Flash version is now being exploited by the Angler Exploit kit…that was Adobe’s new-and-improved version released in July that had additional security protections which cyberthugs have already evaded. You should not delay upgrading to the newest Flash version if you have not yet done so. Better yet, kick Flash to the curb.

Additionally, two weeks ago, Zscaler reported a “massive uptick” in the use of the Neutrino Exploit Kit, which was reportedly incorporated in the Hacking Team’s Flash zero-day. Neutrino campaign attackers compromised WordPress sites running version 4.2 and older to redirect Internet Explorer victims to the Neutrino Exploit Kit which would then serve up CryptoWall 3.0 ransomware.

Article Cybercrooks quickly bypass Adobe Flash Player’s improved security protections