Country to Country Spying Hurting the man on the Street

When we read about Russia and China spying on the U.S. and the UK spying with Germany. Let’s be honest everybody is and always have been spying, it is now more spying by computer than watching with binoculars. It is very easy to think that has not much to do with the ordinary person on the street, after all you don’t have any military secrets or James Bond ambitions. So why should we be concerned?

Well, the latest big breach against the U.S this year has mined out information on ordinary people who serve in government. They have had their details hacked, and it could be possible that this breach could be used against innocent individuals. It is more of a concern that among all that information stolen that some real spies and some real intelligence has been found that will compromise national security. So, again that has an impact on you the guy in the street.

The report raises several concerns for government agencies and private businesses, Westin said. “Our risk and threat models don’t take into account the exponential damage that can come when datasets from multiple breaches are correlated,” he said. “Big data isn’t just used in business, but also cybercrime and espionage, and this is more apparent now than ever.”


From Network World

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management announced a breach of its security clearance database in June. That breach compromised information on the government’s Standard Form 86, a 127-page questionnaire that asks about an applicant’s past military experience, criminal background, computer hacking activities, financial problems and links to terrorism groups.

U.S. lawmakers have worried that the OPM breach would endanger intelligence agents and open up applicants to blackmail.

Article Russia, China said to use hacked databases to find US spies