Want to safely create and manage multiple online Personas?

Want to use multiple online Personas?

In seconds you can be safely logged in as a different person.

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Persona is an anonymity tool that lets you create and manage multiple online personas or identities and easily switch between them while protecting your real identity.

There are many legitimate reasons to want to have an alternative online account but today Online Service Providers like Google and Facebook are actively working to identify and remove duplicate and fake accounts.

Persona helps you manage multiple online identities keeping them totally separate and allowing you to make each appear to be in a different location using a different device (PC, Mac, Linux, Tablet, smartphone etc).

Persona can be used by anyone that wants to safely operate an alternative online persona and reduce the risk of it being linked back to their real accounts and identity.

Why do you need a tool like Persona to create another account?

What most people do not reaslize is that its their computer or device that is automatically sending the websites you visit the information that links all your different accounts and enables them to identify any duplicate or fake profiles.

Persona fixes this by allowing you to create and easily manage multiple profiles and accounts, while keeping each quarantined from the others.

It also allows the accounts to appear to be in different locations using different devices (PC, Mac, Linux, Tablet, smartphone etc).

Change your Account

Each account is kept separate from the others with their own browsing history (cookies etc). This is important because if you attempt to operate multiple accounts using the same browser all the account will be linked by the online service providers who actively track and link different user accounts. It also protects

Change your Location

Your IP address shows your location. Persona allows each new persona to have a different location using automatic proxy switching which gives each a new IP address to match the location of the new persona.

Change your device

Your User Agent is a publicly visible description of the device you are using and is automatically send by your browser to each website you visit. Your browser will publish information about the make and model as well as the operating system of your device.

To make your multiple personas more credible, and reduce the chance of your different accounts  being linked, they need to appear to be on different devices. Persona also provides User Agent Switching which simply means that each persona can pretend to be using different devices, operating systems and browsers.

What are some of the legitimate reasons for creating and using a different online persona?

Political correctness – freely participate in online discussions and express your opinions without fear that you might jeopardize a position you hold, or it could even result in you losing your job.

Personal Safety – protect your real identity online from sexual predators, cyber stalkers and other online sickos, especially when engaging in activities like online dating.

Identity theft – foil cyber criminals that would attempt to steal your real identity and commit fraud.

Personal Privacy – keep your professional and private life separate including your sexual preference, political affiliation or other personal interests.

Information Privacy – stop online marketing companies from building profiles on your surfing and buying habits.

GeoLocation Unblocking – the internet can block content based on your nationality and reported location but you can create a new persona in a country that is not being geo-blocked.

Online Research – conduct legitimate research where your real identity or cultural, ethnic, religious background might be an impediment.

Whistle blower – expose some wrongdoing without fear of reprisal

Big Brother Paranoia – Edward Snowden has brought it to the worlds attention that governments are increasingly spying on their own citizens.

Online visibility – Internet marketers and SEO specialists make use of fake online profiles in an attempt to make the websites they are promoting seem more popular.

Don’t risk having your real identity exposed!

Get Persona Now – Free 3 days trial version

Persona is less than $10 per month and will allow you to switch between multiple personas but only use one at a time.

For anyone wanting to operate multiple concurrent proxies and profiles at the same time there is a special unlimited Agency version.

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Persona Tool

Manage multiple online accounts and profiles and avoid your real accounts and identity from being discovered.