Finger Prints Stolen

Having your fingerprints taken for a job with security is the one ID it is hard to copy. Many US establishments use fingerprint technology to open doors and computer files. This was judged to be very safe, but now it has been admitted that over 1 million fingerprint information files have been hacked.

The culprit is thought to be China as the finger prints hacked came from US government site of employees. The fear of the Chinese getting information has abated, but the fact they have such personal information on some of the US employees is particularly scary. After all, you cannot change your fingerprints can you?


From BBC News

The OPM attack was uncovered in April this year and saw attackers make off with ID and security clearance information about US government staff. Social security numbers, names, addresses, health, financial and biometric data were all taken.
Fingerprint records were also stolen and the continuing investigation into the breach has revealed that far more went missing than initially thought.
The OPM played down the significance of the fingerprint theft saying that the ability to abuse the data was “currently limited”. However, it acknowledged that the risk could rise as technology improved and fingerprints were increasingly used as a guarantee of identity.
“An inter-agency working group with expertise in this area … will review the potential ways adversaries could misuse fingerprint data now and in the future,” it said in a statement.
The FBI, Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security are all part of the task force assessing how losing fingerprint data might affect victims.
The OPM said it would soon start a massive project to inform all the people whose data had been stolen.
Ken Munro from security firm Pen Test Partners said: “The biggest concern about biometrics since day one has been revocation.

Article Millions of fingerprints stolen in US government hack