Gambling Apps are Watching You

Your mobile phone is always something of a risk when you download applications. We all know there are potential risks to us, after all do we really know what every app really is capable of doing.

Here is a classic example with a twist. Researchers have found that some gambling applications have the capability of not just spying on you and your phone, but also they are, in theory, able to actually snoop on your employer’s business too.

It is very disconcerting to think that an application for a game has the potential to watch everything you do and to gain access to another computer network and send that information elsewhere.


From Network World

The company tested some of the most popular gambling apps it detected in corporate environments for potential security risks and found critical vulnerabilities that could enable hackers to gain access to a phone’s contacts, emails, call history and location data, as well as to record conversations.

For example, one casino app contained code for checking if the device was rooted or jailbroken, which could give the app unfettered access to the device. The app already had the capability to record audio and video and access user identity information, but on top of that it was also vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks that could allow hackers to sniff or alter its communications, the Veracode researchers said.

Article Employees put business data at risk by installing gambling apps on their phones