What is Internet sovereignty and what does it mean for you?

Internet Sovereignty

The World Internet Conference is currently being held in China and “internet sovereignty” is being discussed. This is about the right of countries to control (censor) the internet for their citizens.

We think of the internet as something international transcending international boarders connecting us to everyone else in the world but this is not the case. In fact the trend is towards greater restrictions based on national boarders as more and more countries move to censor the internet. The west likes to point the finger at countries like China who implement censorship and claim that we in the west have a free speech and do not censor the internet.

At the same time the threat of terrorism and the scurge of child pornography are both increasingly used by governments in the west to attempt to censor the internet. We now have politicians in western countries calling for alternative media to be censored and so called conspiracy theorists to be considered a threat.

Censorship by Stealth

What we have in the west is censorship being introduced by stealth, and this is going hand in hand with increased internet surveillance and loss of privacy. The attack on our privacy and increased censorship are part of the same agenda and needs to be equally opposed.

internet censorship

We have an illusion of an uncensored internet in the west but we are moving towards censorship that is not that far removed what China have.

The World Internet Conference

At the conference President Xi Jinping defended his nation’s strict internet regulations and urged all countries to jointly build a community of shared future in cyberspace. See more here: