Is Your Router Safe?

The Wi-Fi router you use to broadcast a private wireless Internet signal in your home or office is not only easy to hack, but the remedy is not in your hands to secure.

A recent report by Independent Security Evaluators of Baltimore found thirteen off the shelf popular routers could be exploited and allow access to your information and your PCs. The report says that manufacturers have the sole responsibility of upping their game and making the very important router more secure.

Imagine if someone was able to snoop on you from your router? Not only can they watch in live time, they could also gain access to banks and important data. Data that you believe is secure. You may pride yourself on being very careful in what you say or send on the internet, but the router is used by all the family. Do they also share the same security concerns as you?

This is not the stuff of James Bond fiction, it is something that is now becoming a worrying issue for every person using a router. You do not have to be an important businessman to have vital information that can be used against you by other people.


This from Network World
Several DSL routers from different manufacturers contain a guessable hard-coded password that allows accessing the devices with a hidden administrator account.

According to an alert issued Tuesday by the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) at Carnegie Mellon University, the affected device models are: ASUS DSL-N12E, DIGICOM DG-5524T, Observa Telecom RTA01N, Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) SpeedSurf 504AN and ZTE ZXV10 W300.

All of the devices have an admin password in the form “XXXXairocon” where XXXX are the last four characters of the device’s physical MAC address, CERT/CC said.

Article Some routers vulnerable to remote hacking due to hard-coded admin credentials