Middle East Targeted by Cyber Espionage

This report is very concerning about how the Middle East is being targeted by cyber espionage. It reads a little like the old cold war days when spies tried to get information from clever professors who were on the breach of discovering something special. Now we don’t have attractive lady spies, but we have determined electronic spies who just need a small door open on a PC to take information out and maybe change an individuals or Country’s life forever. It is now becoming that scary.

Imagine how much easier it must be for crooks to get into our under protected computers and laptops. Once in we can say goodbye to some money, and hello to weeks and months of trying to clear up the mess caused by these malicious attackers.


From Trend Micro

Trend Micro threat research today released a new report that details out the activities of a group of hackers we call Rocket Kitten and who have been active in a cyberespionage campaign for several years now. We released a previous report on this group, but since then some new activities have been uncovered with the help of another research organization, ClearSky, who we collaborated with on the new report.

Targeted attacks are fairly standard today with the intent of most being theft of information, which is then used to sell or use in an effort to make money. What makes the Rocket Kitten group interesting is we don’t believe they are doing this for monetary gain, but for cyberespionage. Their targets also are not organizations like we’ve see in previous attacks, but rather are individuals who are in a select set of industries. Cyberespionage is an area we don’t see a lot of publicity about as it can be difficult to identify the actual data being stolen and how it is used. But in our analysis of the malicious code used in these attacks it seems pretty apparent that the endgame was to steal data from the victims. Looking at the correlating businesses the victims are in, espionage seems to be the reason for the attacks.

Article A Cyberespionage Campaign against the Middle East