New Hacks Threaten Public Technologies

Trend Micro was established in 1998 by Steve Chang in California and is often seen as a great source of information about viruses and malware. They also provide free checks on your PC, so I like to keep up with their research of this BASDAQ listed company.

Here is their recent overview on some of the issues that have caused individuals and small businesses to lose contracts and money thanks to the increase in cyber crime and cyber stalking.


From Trend Micro

Trend Micro’s second quarter roundup “A Rising Tide:

” holds that conclusion up to scrutiny and finds it wanting.

The underground market for malware tools, vulnerabilities, exploit kits and every other criminal niche is fully mature. The barriers to entry into the market have fallen away over the years, established criminal toolkits are available at low to no cost, former high value malware such as ZeuS have become almost open source projects, spawning a variety of improvements or imitators and basic tools such as keyloggers or system lockers are being combined to devastating effect.

Take for example the Hawkeye attacks that affected small businesses on a global scale, from China through India and Europe all the way across to the United States. A simple $35 keylogger, Hawkeye, was used in sophisticated “change of supplier” fraud by two lone Nigerian criminals.

Similarly “Frapstar,” a lone operator from Canada and “LordFenix” from Brazil profited from their solo endeavours; selling stolen information and banking malware respectively

Article Lone Rangers of the Underground