Ransomeware targeting SME’s

The criminals behind the ransomware are getting smarter in their choice of targets. They are moving off individuals and moving to the more lucrative small businesses. They know that small businesses cannot take any interruption to billing and services, and therefore they are more likely to pay any ransom demand.

The larger the cash flow the more the ransomware is probably going to ask. This is very much the electronic version of protection by street thugs, who you had to pay so they would not put you out of business.


From Network World

After extorting millions from consumers over the past few years, file-encrypting ransomware creators are increasingly focusing their attention on victims who are more likely to pay up: small and medium-sized businesses.

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Throughout June and July, over 67 percent of users who clicked on malicious links in CryptoWall-related emails were from the SMB sector, researchers from antivirus vendor Trend Micro found. An additional 17 percent were from within large enterprises.

CryptoWall is one of the most widespread ransomware programs, infecting nearly 625,000 systems between March and August 2014 and many more since then. Researchers estimate that it has earned well over $1 million for its creators.

Article Ransomware pushers up their game against small businesses