Spotify Privacy Policy Changes Cause Concern

Spotify has over 60 million paid users at the moment and is an important player in the music streaming provider online. However, even a much-loved company has the ability to get it so wrong with regard to Privacy Policy changes. The fear of giving permission to the company to allow it to utilise the contact list of your phone has caused a backlash from Spotify customers.

The company appears to be backtracking and insisting this can only happen if the user gives express permission. The question to ask is why would a company even want to use contact information in the first place?

The company is trying to determine what music you like and wants to also contact your friends. No problem?



Spotify chief executive Daniel Ek has apologised following anger over the music streaming service’s new data privacy policy.Some users said they were leaving the music service over changes in its terms and conditions.The new terms included access to pictures, contact phone numbers and sensor data stored on the user’s smartphone.

Mr Ek apologised in a blogpost for the “confusion” the changes had created.He promised an “update” to the new policy in order to clarify it but did not suggest that the terms themselves would be changed.

Source: Spotify says sorry after privacy policy anger – BBC News