UK NHS System Leaked

The medical history of yourself or your family, is supposed to be REALLY private. The National Health Service in the UK had launched several phone applications to help people stay healthy. These apps would range from stop smoking to losing weight, and from pregnancy issues and stress issues.

It has now been announced that the applications are sending personnel information without encryption, which is prone to being intercepted and giving away vital and private information about the users. Something that is suppose to assist in health issues and wellbeing, is now seen as something that could have given hackers part of your life.


From BBC News

Many NHS-accredited smartphone health apps leak data that could be used for ID theft and fraud, a study has found.
The apps are included in NHS England’s Health Apps Library, which tests programs to ensure they meet standards of clinical and data safety.
But the study by researchers in London discovered that, despite the vetting, some apps flouted privacy standards and sent data without encrypting it.
The apps that leaked the most data have now been removed from the library.
“If we were talking about health apps generally in the wider world, then what we found would not be surprising,” said Kit Huckvale, a PhD student at Imperial College London, who co-wrote the study.
But given that the apps the study looked at were supposed to have been vetted and approved, finding that most of them did a poor job of protecting data was a surprise, he added.

Article NHS approved apps found ‘leaking’ ID data