Windows 10 Snopping?

The launch of Windows 10 is well under way, with many people being informed via Windows update to download the new Windows 10 operating system. The change from Windows 7 to Windows 8 was not as smooth as Microsoft envisaged. There was, and still is a reluctance to enhance the changes that Windows 8 enforced on us, of course windows 8.1 back tracked and gave us back the start button.

So, with that in mind it may be understandable customers of Microsoft may be delaying downloading their FREE Windows 10 upgrades. Something else that does not help is the constant chatter on the internet of Microsoft listening in to your computer via Windows 10. Should this be true is it worth worrying about?

windows 10

windows 10

Another thing that just didn’t seem to make sense to some early adopters was Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Sense feature. The controversy over it already seems to have died down, but just a few weeks ago it was the subject of a raging debate.

Wi-Fi Sense automatically connects users to open WiFi networks and can grant their friends access to their own password-protected networks.

Users who want to provide friends access to their password-protected WiFi networks send their passwords through an encrypted link to a Microsoft server, which stores it in encrypted form before sharing it with those friends.