Windows Operating System Problems put your information at risk

According to recent research over 1.5 billion people worldwide use the Windows operating system, of course, this is no surprise when you consider the company was well ahead of the game, almost a monopoly.

What is more worrying is that with that amount of penetration you would think the security would be more rigid, but no! The report below says that 80% of malware problems comes through the windows system. This despite really trying to make the windows system more secure.

Windows device infection rate — what percentage of the total are detected with malware — was also up significantly in the first half of 2015 on mobile networks. By June, it was approximately 0.6%, representing 6 infections per 1,000 devices. That was more than three times that of Android, the other OS that historically has had a high infection rate.


From Network World

Microsoft may have just a single-digit slice of the mobile market, but there’s one segment of mobile that it’s winning: Malware infections delivered via mobile networks.

According to a Wednesday report from Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Security Lab, in June Windows devices accounted for 80% of the infections spotted on hardware that relied on mobile networks for Internet connectivity. Meanwhile, Android’s share of the total infection count dropped to about 20% after long hovering at the 50% mark.

iOS and other operating systems were at nearly negligible percentages.

Article Windows devices account for 80% of malware infections transmitted via mobile networks